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Preventative Maintenance

In today's business environment of "just-in-time" manufacturing, heat treaters cannot afford to have equipment go down unexpectedly. In order to maximize equipment up-time availability, it is crucial to have a routine Preventative Maintenance Program and adhere to it.

Instead of losing business due to unreliable equipment, have our experienced and knowledgeable service department set up a Preventative Maintenance Program for you.

Typical monthly maintenance schedule
for a Quench Furnace

• Inspect pneumatic cylinders & piping
• Inspect compressed air filter
• Inspect combustion air filter
• Inspect gas flowmeters
• Check condition of all v-belts
• Grease bearings
• Observe & adjust burners, as required
• Observe & adjust temperature controls
• Inspect oil piping for leaks, operation
• Observe & adjust atmosphere controls
• Observe & adjust transfer mechanisms
• Observe & adjust door mechanisms
• Observe furnace seals for leaks
• Confirm that guarding is in place
• Inspect water piping for leaks

Furnace Relining photo

Premier Furnace Specialists technician relines a furnace with new fire bricks as part of a preventative maintenance program.

Maintenance Schedules

Download maintenance schedules (in PDF document form) for a variety of equipment.


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